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5 Million US Dollars Emergency Aid for Farmers Affected by The Recent Snowstorm
The Islamic Development Bank, will provide five million dollars as an emergency aid to Palestinian farmers affected by the snowstorm that hit the country's mid- December last year.
Presidentís Statement
2011 has been a year of achievements and challenges. President Abu Mazen has taken Palestine into a new direction. After 20 years of negotiations during which Israel has shown that it is interested in only maintaining the status quo.
Applying for full membership into the United Nations is a major step in the right direction especially after international reports which proved that Palestinian institutions are ready to carry the load of an independent state.
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Jerusalem Program
Jerusalem Program
Jerusalem is a very historic city for Arabs in general and for the Palestinians in particular, and in varicose eras it was a conflict area and still is.
Therefore, the Israelis endeavor to Judaize the city adopting the policy of transfer of the Palestinian living in Jerusalem is very obvious

Palestinian Medical Complex
Palestinian Medical Complex
PECDAR initiated the idea of Establishing the Palestinian Medical Complex (PMC) in Ramallah, the PMC consists of 5 hospitals 3 of them were already existing (Ramallah Public Hospital, Al-Sheikh Zayed Hospital, National Center for Blood Diseases- Hippocrates)

The Palestinian National Garden
The Palestinian National Garden
The need of a public entertaining place was the motivation of designing the Palestinian national Garden; the project is located in a beautiful area between Ramallah and Al-Bireh.
The idea of having a national garden in the area has been very welcomed by the community.

The Presidential  Guest Palace
The Presidential Guest Palace
The goal of this project is to establish the Presidential Guest Palace in Surda, Ramallah within an area of 4,700m2, along with a building for the Presidential Administration and Guards with an area of 4,000m2, the construction process includes

Gaza Programs
Gaza Programs
The humanitarian crisis fueled by the Israeli 2008/2009 attack on Gaza, leaves the living conditions in the Gaza strip inhuman by any measure, the war destroyed the infrastructure, Public Buildings, demolishes Homes of People, and even the Health Centers

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